Case Study: Improving Efficiency in Software Development Through Jobtogo's Freelance Support and Project Management




Software Development

Service Provider

UI/UX Design



"The design projects saw substantial improvements in quality and speed, all thanks to Jobtogo’s freelancer’s high-quality design work. "

Budoor Bader

InvoSpark is a dynamic software company based in Oman, dedicated to delivering solutions that address a wide range of technology needs. Our primary focus area encompasses various software development projects aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing processes across diverse industries.

Challenges Faced

Before teaming up with Jobtogo, InvoSpark had some problems with their projects. The main issues were making sure they used their resources well and finishing projects on time without compromising quality.

Reasons for Choosing Jobtogo

The decision to collaborate with Jobtogo was notably shaped by a direct interaction the CEO of InvoSpark had with the Jobtogo team during the recent Web Summit. The CEO found Jobtogo’s method of choosing the appropriate freelancer for projects to be impressive. The emphasis on accuracy and skill in aligning freelancers with the project requirements strongly aligns with InvoSpark’s values. This interaction served as convincing evidence that Jobtogo’s services were precisely what InvoSpark needed.

Smooth Onboarding

Cost Advantage

Payment processing takes less than 3 business days

Legal contracts provide protection and security

Achieved Results and Benefits

Collaborating with Jobtogo on the UI/UX design for the “Beautel” Project yielded excellent outcomes. The design projects saw substantial improvements in quality and speed, all thanks to Jobtogo’s freelancer’s high-quality design work. Jobtogo’s high-quality freelance support and project management enabled quicker project completion and more efficient resource utilization. The introduction of new designs also heightened user interest in the project. The collaboration with Jobtogo surpassed initial expectations, significantly enhancing the quality of the delivered work.

  • Matching with talent took 3 days
  • %25 cost advantage compared to hiring full time


The partnership with Jobtogo proved to be a significant accomplishment for InvoSpark. It not only streamlined their work processes but also elevated the quality of their projects. The decision to collaborate with Jobtogo was well-founded due to their understanding of InvoSpark’s needs and values. Invospark’s thoughts, which were prejudiced against freelancer work, completely changed after this project. InvoSpark is genuinely pleased with the collaboration and aims to share their experience with others.